Motopark Home Sim - Developed by a professional Racing Team

Racing simulators are an essential part of any successful training as a racing driver and are an indispensable part of the preparation for the respective test and racing events. In 2011, Team Motopark was one of the very first junior teams to build and program its own simulators – instead of buying off the shelf goods and adapting them, as so many teams still do today. The company’s own hardware and software ensure that the „Driver-in-the-Loop“ simulators are individually adapted to the needs.

The programs are always fine-tuned by former drivers from Team Motopark, who now earn their living as racing professionals. Team Motopark also offers its simulators as tailor-made home Sims for drivers or as professional solutions for other racing teams – with customer support from its own software engineering team that is there for customers 24/7.

Choose your style! - FX or GT version

Choose between the FX & GT version. The FX version is suitable for all Formula & LMP racing vehicles. The GT version is developed for GT, rally, historic and many other road vehicles. Motopark Home Sim developed by a professional racing team.

€ 29.999,00 ex. VAT

€ 30.999,00 ex. VAT

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Keyfacts & components

  • A complete package, turnkey. Delivered pre-installed , installation time approximately 1hr.
  • FX & GT Version, FX suitable for all kind of formula & LMP race cars, GT suitable for all GT style cars
  • Ultimate high end PC with ultra fast SSD and RTX 3080 graphic card for uncompromising performance
  • Fully aluminium simframe, made of high quality cutted aluminium parts with powdercoated surface finish. High adjustablity to find the perfect driving position for every kind of racing car. Adjustable steering support and seat mounts to guarantee the best simulator feedback possible. The Pedalbox is electronically adjustable to quickly switch between different drivers. Screenmount individually placeable to enhance the optimum visual impression. High end brake system with hydraulic mastercylinder and brake continer to easily modify the characteristic of the brakes
  • 3X 32″ curved LED monitors, 1ms response and 144Hz monitors or single IX UED Gaming monitor 49″ @ 120Hz
  • Additional 27″ monitor for live data analysis
  • Top quality sound with Bose Soundbar Bluetooth and Teufel cage headset
  • Custom made pedals set, electronically adjustable
  • Brake balance adjuster
  • Simsteering 2 FFB System Ultimate, High precision and strength industrial grade brushless servo motor, smooth, precise, reliable and compact, the high quality servo motor provides up to 26Nm of torque and has an incredibly high resolution feedback system. Real world steering forces can be translated to the driver in a powerful yet cont rolled way. A lower strength motors are also available.
    Formula style steering wheel with display, Rexing Mayaris steering wheel 4.3″ full-color LCD screen with completely customizable screens, clutch paddles, 13 buttons, 6X rotary encoders, 2X on/off switches, Multi directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • GT style steering wheel, Cubecontrols GT Pro Sparco Steering wheel 7X buttons, 2X on/off switches, 4X rotary encoders
  • simulator software rfactor2, Assetto Corsa or iRacing. The highly professional used softwares comes with
    a vast variety of cars and tracks, from single seater to GT and prototypes cars, covering every eras of racing, classic cars, kart, formula, touring etc. without any limitation for the customer
  • On request we can develop custom made cars and tracks with CAD and laserscan data, developed with professional drivers for professional drivers
  • Additional simulators software on request
  • Powerful data software for real time data, post session analysis, up to 165 different layouts, take control of the lap times, the other drivers etc…

Download the complete spec sheet for more information here

You’d like some help in buying a simulator, or have other ideas for your very own ultimate motorsports experience? Simply get in touch – Team Motopark can make it happen for you.


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