Racing and competing with cars from the good old times is one of the most emotional and touching experiences in all of motorsports. No wonder that Historic Racing is growing more and more popular. Iconic cars that wrote a part of history have still kept their character and are in times like these admired more than ever – and more than most of the current cars, too.

Add to that a relaxed atmosphere in the paddock, people with style and brand awareness and some of Europe’s greatest race tracks or rally stages – and you find the purest and nicest racing; a form of motorsport that you’ll get addicted to in no time.

One of the biggest positives in Historic Racing is the fact that the rules generally stay the same over many years. This means you’ve got to invest into the equipment once, rather than having to buy a new car every other year as is the case in current racing.


Team Motopark combines the best of both worlds: Over more than 20 years in all sorts of professional racing, the teams’ engineers and mechanics have learnt and fine-tuned their trade of how to apply the latest technologies and computer or simulation tools for preparation and running high-end cars fast and reliably. At the same time, a bespoke arm of the team has been working on restoring and rebuilding vintage cars with a special attention to keeping the heritage and historic foundation and condition.

Team Motopark can build, prepare and enter cars from the Group 5 era as well as from DTM and ITC age, Group A Rallying, Groups B and C prototypes for rallies and sports car races respectively, Formula Three, Formula Two and even historic Formula One

Team Motopark can not only build, re-build and maintain the cars in the best possbible shape but also run them at historic races and rallies. The team’s first class equipment makes sure the cars reach their destinations safe and sound as well as high-end experience on-site at the events. Our customers can enjoy their 360° experience at any historic race venue without having to worry about organisation, logistics or running the cars.

  • Scouting, finding and providing suitable vintage race and rally cars

  • Build-up

  • Restoration
  • Administration of the entire homologation process from valuation, documentation until homologation with a national or international governing body
  • Reproduction of spare parts if needed
  • Maintainance of the cars prior to and after each event

  • Safe, fully-insured transportation

  • Putting in place all the pit equipment and logistics to run the cars
  • Entire planning of the event and the logistics behind

  • Handling the cars and technology at the track

  • Driver coaching at the track

  • Picture and video service at the circuit

  • Maintance, repairs and value-conservation work between races and in the off-season
  • Individual track days

You’d like some help in buying a vintage car, would like to stage a track day or have other ideas for your very own ultimate motorsports experience? Simply get in touch – Team Motopark can make it happen for you.


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